BERTA Pencil, marker and embroidery thread on hard-pressed torn polyester, 19x18 in, 2021.
From Wikipedia: Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores was a Honduran environmental activist, indigenous leader, and co-founder and coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH). She won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015, for "a grassroots campaign that successfully pressured the world’s largest dam builder to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam" at the Río Gualcarque. She was assassinated in her home by armed intruders, after years of threats against her life. A former soldier with the US-trained special forces units of the Honduran military asserted that Caceres' name was on their hitlist months before her assassination. As of February 2017, three of the eight arrested people were linked to the US-trained elite military troops: two had been trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA, the former School of the Americas (SOA), renamed WHINSEC, linked to thousands of murders and human rights violations in Latin America by its graduates.

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Note: I am not fond of terms like "climate change" and the "Anthropocene". I prefer, for example, a term like the one coined by Fabian Scheidler in his book "The End of the Megamachine", namely, the "Capitalocene", which pinpoints a specific period in Western history after which the gross accumulation of capital and the dehumanizing and destructive forces it unleashes on humanity and earth became the global zeitgeist. Terms like "climate change" and the "Anghropocene" are Western attempts to wash away the truth of real choices; these kinds of benign scientific terms serve, at best, a topographical and symptomatic view of a very real political and criminal set of problems, namely: organized state and corporate sponsored criminal violence for the purposes of wealth and power. I prefer a term like "corporate-imperialism". The criminal institutions behind these crimes are comprised of governments, their militaries and corporations working together through highly coordinated structures and strategies to commit these crimes. Berta was a profoundly heroic, courageous and extraordinary person who was simply trying to protect her home from violent, life-threatening, illegal and inhumane attacks on her and her people's sovereignty and right to live freely outside of persecution and tyranny.