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What is your worldview politically speaking?

First off, I believe that at the macro-geopolitical level the world is dominated by two very distinct worldviews. One view is that the world should be defined by multicultural globalism. The other is the view that the world should be defined by ethnocentric nationalism. Both of these worldviews fail from the start in my view, though I stand firmly in the multicultural globalist camp. They fail because they are both premised on a mindset that views the world as a place from which humans are free, and in fact, required to extract resources at will: natural resources and human resources - if you can allow such a fundamentally vile term, and the underlying objective for both world orders is that of dominance over other nation and corporate states. That is, they are premised in the idea of empire building, which is defined through and through by military and economic warfare that extracts natural resources, enslaves people and lives and breathes on scarcity and the domination of the few over the many. I fundamentally reject those conditions for the human species outright. I think they are arcane, unevolved and totally immoral. I think we can do much better. That said, I do choose the multicultural globalist view, as I stated earlier, because I believe that it is a worldview that can be shaped into the better one, where extraction, warfare, enslavement and dominance of the few over the many can eventually be tamed if not removed entirely.

The question of presenting a coherent worldview is very difficult, and in my experience, usually it is asking for an “-ism”, like Socialism versus Capitalism versus Libertarianism etc. That’s not how I answer this question, but as I said at the beginning, when forced to pick an "-ism" I embrace socialism wholly and unequivocally. My political worldview is grounded in human psychological and spiritual evolution. I don’t believe any “-ism” is going to save us from ourselves. They can all work. They can, and as we have seen, will fail us, unless we have some kind of larger species level awakening. So, my guiding vision rests upon the premise that humanity is still fundamentally psychologically and spiritually infantile, unevolved beyond our most early stages. I envision a human species where gender, race, nationhood, all of these kinds of social constructs and allegiances no longer play a role. I envision a human way of being in which these social constructs simply do not make any sense any longer. I see a human species where ideas like progress and survival itself are words that no longer mean what they do today or perhaps have no meaning at all. I envision what can be called a species level awareness, an awareness out of which we define ourselves wholly, inclusive of both our practices and our entire way of being. This species level awareness not only allows for but holds a much greater ability for us to live out all the things we cherish today that we define as freedom: individual freedom, freedom of expression and self-realization, freedom of ideas and the ability to choose how we live and what we aspire to and the freedom to realize those aspirations. I see a future human in which we are not burdened by a definition of our being in which scarcity plays such a fundamental role or any role at all for that matter. I see a future human way of being in which freedom is not something to be achieved or taken from others in order for us to have it, where freedom is not accumulation of things and the false power that they bring but rather self-expression, the exchange of ideas, where freedom is a collective way of being, a shared modality, an evolving and deeply cherished entity. I envision a human being who values art for the great pleasure its insights bring us; who values the formation of laws that are truly purposeful and meaningful for all; who values the dwellings we inhabit and the cities we live in as communal and sacred for all; who listens to and appreciates the capabilities of science and technology in serving the greater good; who seeks the guidance of spirituality and lives in great trust not in great fear of others; who respects the great abundance of food that the world has to naturally offer so that sharing that food and, for that matter, all of earth's many resources would seem only natural; who has a deep appreciation for universal health and wellness; and who lives to engender deep communal connections and the contribution we make to our communities as the most fundamental purpose of being. I envision a human way of life where all the things that matter to a human life function as part of a grand and interdependent ecosystem. I see a future human in which all of these defining ways of being are understood as being composed equally of cognition, reason, the physical world, the emotional world and the spiritual realm. I envision a human way of being in which all of these modalities conspire to work with and for us in great unison and alignment with our collective sense of value, our collective sense of purpose, our collective need to thrive not merely survive, and our collective and innate sense of joy and abundance. I see a human so far beyond the violent and scarcity minded creature we are today that this future human could hardly know how to speak with the creature that we are now, for it would hold a whole new language for its very way of being.

Why is being a Texas artist important to you?

I choose to work very specifically from Texas because Texas is the culmination point of all the extremes of American society. It is the ugliest of stages upon which the American drama unfolds. Texas r


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