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Is your work more conceptual or figurative-traditional or something else all together?

First, on conceptual art: I loathe contemporary conceptual art with all my heart. Please be clear: contemporary conceptual art - not the conceptual art of the 60's and 70's and in particular the conceptual art of Latin America where it has been fundamentally political and important. I'm talking about the garbage that currently litters a small privileged class who produce this garbage and for whom some reason our culture is still infatuated. The hair clippings in the corner in a museum in the 2020's etc. I wish it would die and go away once and for all. We’ve been looking at conceptual art now for 100 years? Formally for 50 years? When does it end? And yet our museums and galleries are still filled with this junk. Conceptual art is to the art world what superhero movies are to Hollywood: everywhere and utterly predictable, and way over funded. It is totally uninteresting to me, almost as uninteresting as listening to someone speak about it. Conceptual art was only interesting to me when it functioned as the only means of making political statements in Latin America in the last century, aside from that I have no interest in it; it represents the playthings, the puzzle making of spoilt children. I place my art in a blend of documentary, figurative, historical and realist work and also abstract expressionism. I loathe the idea that paint and painters should be flat and should never adhere to a love of paint, the "brutality of paint" as some have called it. Why paint then? Why make anything if the medium is meaningless? That's what I call advertising. My point: my work is not conceptual, not in any sense of the word. I hardly even want to spend time on this question. Peter Saul was one of my mentors in graduate school, and we often fought and agreed on very little, but one thing we did agree on was the false pursuit of artistic truth, the deep philosophical and academic practice of art. I think all of that is garbage. I no more want to listen to music that way then I want to look at any work of art. If anyone ever has to explain a work of art to me, any work of art in any medium, then they have failed in my view.

Why is being a Texas artist important to you?

I choose to work very specifically from Texas because Texas is the culmination point of all the extremes of American society. It is the ugliest of stages upon which the American drama unfolds. Texas r


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