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Talk to me about the backgrounds in your work?

The background is a subconscious space, it is an actual representation of subconscious emotions, all the emotions that are tugging at us and the people in these images in these experiences and they are therefore mashed together because this is the point of my work, that these experiences are fundamentally the same, defined by the same cultural ethos of violence and fear of others, and scarcity, a deeply damaged psychology. So, these background spaces are made as blended abstractions, a place that feels like scratches on a prison wall, the walls of the psyche perhaps, an almost dreamlike space, not meant to look real but not wholly unreal either, borrowing from the real and blending and twisting it.

Why is being a Texas artist important to you?

I choose to work very specifically from Texas because Texas is the culmination point of all the extremes of American society. It is the ugliest of stages upon which the American drama unfolds. Texas r


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