I am looking at the underlying violent and self-loathing nature of the American social psychology. I do this specifically from Texas because Texas represents the "last stop" on the proverbial American road trip; it is always the final and darkest frontier of the American psyche. I juxtapose similar bodily gestures as seen in groups of people during and after various seemingly unrelated events: mass shootings, people crossing the US-Mexico border, shopping on black friday, sporting events, people being racially harassed and more. I say 'seemingly' because I show that they are related in their pain and suffering. This is the underlying cultural truth of violence that I am pointing to, seeking to bring to the front for us to see and taste and feel. I make both large hand embroidered paintings and video installations, and I pull my images exclusively from the public online realm, specifically from the reams of news media bombarding us 24/7. My singular purpose is to honestly express this period in its most exposed, violent and failed psychological state without irony, cynicism or any particular added level of intellectual depth. I just want us to stop and truly see it for what it is, and I believe art can do this in a uniquely painful and honest manner.